Brainstorm’s face

Brainstorm’s face

Reminds me of a face hugger. Coming from Brainstorm, that wouldn’t be surprising.

Ravage really doesn’t like being petted.

Ravage really doesn’t like being petted.

Swerve’s funnies.

And he likes Skids a good deal.

Yep, that’s my reaction too.


I know this is gonna be a long post so I’ll just put it under the read more - but under there is a LOT of extra sketches from before and after Cape Month :>

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I like how the lighting came out.  Before Cape Month ended I said I would make a stud cape for Tarn and a fur one for Megatron, so now I got them both done


This wouldn’t get out of my head. QAQ <— Because of that!

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cassowarykisses replied to your post:well, the type of STI prevention a Cybertronian needs would probably depend on whether the virus was intended to affect the hardware or software or both. In some programming languages (like C++) you can manipulate the hardware, and that seems like it would be more difficult to stop once symptoms appeared (maybe specialized nanite injections?) But good firewalls/Space Norton Anti-virus would probably be the first line of protection.

I’m working on a computer science degree, so the actual mechanics of how Cybertronians would be programmed or interact with computer programs is very interesting to me!

Awesome!  I would love to hear about any other thoughts you have in that direction, too!

I very much doubt Cybertronians uses a computer language, the same we do. At the very, very least, someone like Ratchet uses their equivalent of assembly, which is the most basic langage of the CPU.

Maybe for people not as knowledgeable, the average population, to make basic change they have a simpler interface or language. But from my experience, if you don’t know what you’re doing, use the UI and don’t try to touch the underlying code. 

I’m sure they have layers of protection for Cybertronians who forgot they’re supposed to think before changing anything, the same way pain stops us from going under our skin to pet our organs.

That’s the kind of stop Jazz would bypass easily, change some stuff in is code, like the temperature of his joints oil, making it warmer, and so they’re more supple, but they worn quicker too. That’s drives Ratchet crazy, but since the saboteur already knows how to do it, Ratchet can only throw a wrench, fix it, and hope it will never be a total catastrophe. 

At least Ratchet never noticed Jazz overclock his CPU regularly. 

The worst ever is when Jazz forgot to set a protection and ended up in a deadlock, where his motor function needed a calculation, but the calculation needed a reply from the motor center to calculate the answer… The hard reboot wasn’t as painful as Ratchet wrath.


Anonymous asked: what time does the new vol of mtmte usually come out on comixology? :)


uhhh do you mean issues? they come out once a month on a particular wednesday, in this case it’s tomorrow actually! :D

if you legit meant the volumes where they have 4-5 issues in one collection, then that’s totally at the discretion of IDW Publishing and comixology. they release them whenever they’re ready i guess

And if you mean what weeks of the month they are available…





I’m sure they toss a d4 and go from there.